Onychomycosis/toe nail fungus

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The foot is often taken for granted. However, when a painful issue pops up in the foot, the sufferer finds out quickly how incredibly important even a single toe is to their mobility and general comfort. The same is true for the hands, and one of the most vulnerable parts of each is the protective covering of the tip – the nail. These nails are most vulnerable to fungus, which can harm the overall health of the nail and cause additional pain through inflammation.

What is Nail Fungus?

Onychomycosis is a condition that affects the toe and finger nail in which pathogens from the fungal kingdom (known as a dermatophyte) become implanted beneath the nail. Also known as tingea unguium, this fungal infection causes the nail to become discolored, often white, yellow, green or even black. The infection causes the nail to become brittle, which causes the nail to break more easily, and can cause painful inflammation beneath the nail if left untreated.

This terrible nuisance is the single most common disease of the nail, afflicting roughly ten percent of the adult population. Luckily, it can be treated.

Lasers Treatment for Nail Fungus

The usage of laser treatment as a method of combatting nail fungus is relatively new. The technicians at Brea Aesthetics Medical Laser Center use specific wavelengths of concentrated laser light to heat the afflicted area. The high levels of heat kill off the offending fungus and discourage the further growth of the dermatophyte pathogens in the nail itself.

By employing laser treatment, our staff can effectively treat this condition using state of the art technology, all while providing a generally painless experience to our patients. As a result, patients are often spared the pain of further inflammation while the nail is salvaged and any discoloration is removed. Results can vary, but typically patients can expect to see cleared nails after only one or two treatments.

For more information on how Brea Aesthetics Medical Laser Center can assist you in fighting unsightly nail fungus, contact our offices right away for more information or to schedule an appointment for your consultation.



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