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Over the course of exposure to the sun and to the elements, the skin often develops discolorations. These come in the form of smaller spots, such as age spots or sunspots, as well as larger splotches of discolored skin. Causes of these discoloration include exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun, hormonal imbalances or other external influences.

When brought into contact with these forces, the skin acts to protect itself by concentrating melanin in the afflicted area. These spots need not be permanent and can be removed by marshalling the advances of LimeLight laser technology.

How the LimeLight Works

The LimeLight laser, part of the Cutera XEO suite of laser treatments, is calibrated specifically to combat skin irregularities. Those irregularities include benign pigmented lesions, such as age spots, sun spots and liver spots, as well as uneven skin coloration.

Laser treatment works by targeting these trouble spots with intense pulses of concentrated laser light. The pulses break down the pigments located in the blemish. The busted up pigmentation is absorbed into the bloodstream, which then removes the pigments through the body’s natural processes. The replacement skin grows in at the same pigmentation as the surrounding skin, thereby giving your body the appearance of new, smooth and even skin.*

The LimeLight’s customizable features allow our specialists to apply the perfect wavelengths of light to your exact issue. Prior to performing any sessions, our staff will sit down with you to examine the area in need of treatment. LimeLight is typically effective for patients with light to medium skin tone. At the time of consultation, our staff will answer any questions you may have and make sure you are comfortable with the entire process. The actual session itself is largely pain free, with most patients comparing the sensation to the snap of a rubber band. While treatment may require up to four sessions for full removal, patients should begin to see significant improvement within the first three weeks of their first session.

Contact our offices right away to schedule your consultation or for more information on how LimeLight can help you.

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