Laser Genesis

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It used to be that skin blemishes were permanent, and that the patient’s only recourse was to try and cover up such unsightly effects of aging as wrinkles, sagging skin and rosacea. Technology has largely reversed that sentence, though, through the use of light and focused heat. At Brea Aesthetics Medical Laser Center, we can refresh your skin with Laser Genesis, a revolutionary, advanced skin renewal technique.


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How Does Laser Genesis Work?

Laser Genesis represents the latest technological advance in the field of laser skin treatment for fine lines and wrinkles. As part of the Cutera XEO suite of applications, Laser Genesis takes advantage of the XEO system’s customization and multi-application platform to promote healthy, vibrant looking skin.

Here, the XEO system employs the advanced truPulse Nd:YAG laser, which is optimized specifically for a range of functions ranging from hair removal to Laser Genesis. The Laser Genesis system uses non-invasive technology, meaning that there are no cuts and no damage done to the skin itself. Because of its versatility this system can target and treat skin issues from enlarged pores and scar tissue to redness and large wrinkles, allowing your skin the opportunity to refresh and renew itself.

Laser Genesis is a non-invasive treatment, which means patients can expect to return to their daily life with no necessary recovery time, and is perfect for patients of all skin types who seek to remove age lines, scarring, acne and even rosacea.

Prior to treatment, you will sit down with our knowledgeable, professional staff to discuss what work is needed. The number of sessions required to remove your blemishes will be discussed – typically, four to six sessions can provide the optimal outcome. Regardless, our team will determine the best course of treatment, and will adjust the system’s customizable aspects to give the best results. The treatment is so benign that anesthetic creams, ice or other pain relief methods are generally unnecessary.

For more information on Laser Genesis or to schedule your consultation, please reach out to our offices right away.


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