Body Contouring

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Losing a large amount of weight is a life transforming experience. No matter if that weight loss is from a medical weight loss program or more invasive procedures like liposuction, losing large amounts of fat can make an appreciable difference on the quality of a patient’s day to day life.

One unintended side effect of such weight loss is that excess skin, which no longer covers the same fat deposits as prior to the procedure, has a tendency to sag. This can cause unsightly flaps or folds. Often, this skin will lack the elasticity to conform to the body’s new shape.

In these instances, plastic surgery has been the traditional method of choice to resolve excess skin. That surgery is invasive, which means that the recovery process can be protracted and painful. However, under certain circumstances laser treatment may be the better, non-invasive choice.

Body Contouring through Laser Technology

Using the Cutera truSculpt system, our highly trained team of specialists apply deep heat to the skin. This heat improves skin elasticity and promotes collagen and generally tightening the skin. As a result of the process the skin’s natural elasticity is boosted and the skin itself is tightened, decreasing the amount of skin building up over the areas of your body that have lost fat.*

While each session provides benefits, the optimal outcome often requires two to three sessions. The treatment is by and large painless, with patients only experiencing heat. The skin may show some redness following treatment, however that redness should disappear entirely within a matter of hours.

Because certain instances are better suited to the truSculpt method than others, it is important to sit down with a knowledgeable professional to discuss the procedure and the potential benefits. The truSculpt system is not intended for dramatic weight loss. Our highly trained staff can help you determine the best course of action for you and walk you through the entire process from beginning to end.

For more information on body contouring and how Brea Aesthetics Medical Laser Center can help you get your skin back on track following weight loss.

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