Common Myths About Erectile Dysfunction — BUSTED!

One of the most significant hurdles of erectile dysfunction isn’t lack of treatment options but rather misinformation and hesitancy to see a doctor.

We get it.

Talking about difficulties getting and maintaining an erection isn’t the most comfortable conversation to have but it could be the most life-changing. Once you know the truth about your ED, you can take actions to improve it.

Read below for the most common ED myths. Remember, that the most reliable source of answers for ED is with a medical professional. Click here to schedule a free ED consultation in Orange County.

Top 7 Myths About Erectile Dysfunction

1. It’s not that serious. You’ve likely overheard people joke about ED --maybe you’ve even laughed along to play it down, but ED is no laughing matter. Besides the emotional toll, erectile dysfunction can be a signal of a medical condition such as diabetes or heart disease. If you’re experiencing ED, it’s critical that you see a doctor and make sure it’s not a sign of a more serious condition.

2. ED is a natural part of aging. True, erectile dysfunction occurs more often in older men. However, ED is not a natural part of aging --not in the way that wrinkles and grey hair are, anyway. If you’re over 65 and are experiencing ED, you do not have to accept it. There is a non-invasive treatment option for ED available locally in Orange County.

3. Young men don’t experience erectile dysfunction. Like mentioned above, ED is more prevalent in men over 65, but it’s not exclusive to men of advanced age. In fact, a study by the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that a quarter of the under 40 participants had issues with erectile dysfunction!

4. You don’t sexually desire your partner. Desire plays a big part in getting an erection. So how do you know if it’s ED or a lack of desire? Here’s a quick self-test: If you’re able to have an erection during self-pleasure or other times when your partner isn’t around, then it’s probably not erectile dysfunction. If you’re unable to gain or maintain an erection during those times either, then it’s time to consults a medical professional.

5. Over-the-counter supplements work just as well. There’s plenty of supplements and home remedies advertised to help with ED, but it’s unlikely that you’ll see much improvement -- if any at all. If you’re looking for a more natural route for treating erectile dysfunction, consider shockwave therapy. It’s a no-pill alternative for treating ED.

6. The blue pill is the only way to treat ED. While the blue pill is an effective treatment for ED, it’s not for every man. Health conditions, side effects, expense, and general aversion to taking pills make it a no-go for many men with ED. Other options include penile injections and prosthetics. At the Brea Wellness Center, we offer shockwave therapy as an alternative to the blue pill and other ED pharmaceuticals.

7. If your prescription is causing ED, you should stop taking it. Speaking of side effects, certain medications have been known to cause erectile dysfunction. If you have ED and suspect your prescription is to blame, DON’T STOP TAKING IT. Instead, let your doctor know your concerns so that they can adjust or change your medication.

About Shockwave Therapy for ED

Shockwave therapy uses low-intensity sound waves to break up plaques in blood vessels while it stimulates vascular growth. It’s non-invasive and done quickly in a private, in-office visit. Men of all ages and stages of erectile dysfunction have reported extremely positive results --and you can too! Call our office for a free consultation and demonstration of our non-invasive shockwave therapy treatment for ED.

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