Trusculpt 3D

Limited time special: 4tx at one time – $1200


Trusculpt 3d 4tx + 6tx Laser Genesis $1999
LG 6tx $745
LG 8tx $999
LG 6tx + Obagi $800
LG 1tx $150

Brea Aesthetics
Medical Laser Center

Appearance is a matter of health and wellness. Taking care of one’s self is vital. That is doubly true in Southern California, where the sunshine and the weather can take a toll. Your health is something to be guarded and maintained.

At Brea Aesthetics Medical Laser Center, we help our patients recapture the look of youthful energy while preserving and improving your internal health. Through the use of advanced laser technology, we can help you remove blemishes, sculpt your body, and promote the body’s natural processes in order to live a healthier life..

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is highly effective for a wide variety of skin blemishes and other aesthetic issues, including:

  • Age spots, sun spots and liver spots
  • Wrinkles and face lines
  • Warts, varicose veins and nail fungus
  • Unwanted hair, scar tissue and stubborn weight

Our technicians use the most advanced laser systems available, allowing them to customize the treatment through a bevy of lasers, applicators and settings. Because all of our staff is highly trained and experienced, and because we have access to the best technology, sessions are generally painless and effective. Most treatments can be completed over the course of one to four sessions. And because treatment is non-invasive, patients experience no downtime and limited recuperation time.

Brea Aesthetics Medical Laser Center also offers a handful of additional procedures to better serve our patients, including Botox injections to treat fine lines and wrinkles on the face as well as IV treatment for those suffering from dehydration or a lack of nutrients.

Patients come first, and the comfort and satisfaction of our clients is paramount. We take great pains to ensure that our patients understand and are comfortable with every procedure we perform, and we offer all of our treatments at a competitive price. Our experienced staff are able to increase the effectiveness of the treatment, providing the best results in the least amount of sessions.

For more information on how Brea Aesthetics Medical Laser Center can help you achieve the look and feel that you desire, contact our offices right away to schedule a consultation.