Scar Removal Fullerton, CA

Scar removal treatment is among our specialties at Brea Wellness Center and we can work with patients of all skin types and ages. Regardless of the type of injury that has caused the scar, our high-tech approach incorporates advanced standards that involve less invasive methods and reduced downtime.

Learn more about scar removal in Fullerton, Ca below.

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How Scar Removal Works

Microneedling with radio frequency has proven to be effective in removing scars, including pitting of the skin from acne. Brea Wellness Center uses Secret RF, the most advanced microneedle RF that offers customization with various size needles and penetration.

How does it work?

Using extra-sharp microneedles that enter and heat the deeper layers of the skin, the needles start a process in which new collagen fills the scars reducing their depth. Secret’s smooth, gliding needles insertion allow fewer passes per treatment, resulting in greater patient comfort and shortening the time it takes to complete the procedure. You can expect minimal pain with little to no downtime. Minimal pain and minimal-to-no downtime. Appropriate for all skin types and can treat any area where scarring is located! Please contact us for a consultation and to learn more about scar removal treatments in Fullerton, Brea, Anaheim, and Orange County area. . *Results may vary