O-Shot® Fullerton, Ca

Dr. Bhavsar of Brea Wellness Center is one of a handful of Orange County practitioners that offer the Official O-Shot.

A particular “fraction” of human blood contained unique growth factors and healing-inducing properties known as Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP). It’s without red blood cells but has the blood serum responsible for clotting and tissue healing. In addition to speeding healing, platelet-rich plasma also contains a host of growth factors that make it an overall enhancer of the function of the tissue.

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O-Shot® at Brea Wellness Center

Platelet-rich plasma can be isolated from your blood and re-injected precisely where healing or growth-enhancing properties are needed. This includes new tissue generation and repair, the production of new blood vessels, and collagen production.

PRP is created in the office in Fullerton, Ca. We use your blood via a process that involves having a small amount of your blood drawn. The growth factors from your blood are isolated from the blood plasma via centrifugation in a special fraction-isolating tube.

Gynecologic uses of PRP and the development of “O-Shot®.”

PRP first widespread medical use by orthopedic surgeons. They used it post-surgically to enhance the healing process after surgery. They found that elite athletes would heal from joint surgery in 6-8 weeks rather than the usual 6-8 months.

Soon, doctors began to explore other medical uses, such as gynecological, particularly to enhance orgasmic function. The results were striking. Not only did PRP work to enhance and restore sensitivity, but many women who suffered from occasional urinary incontinence found their symptoms were diminished or cured.

The O-Shot® has other gynecologic uses, as treating Lichen sclerosis. Lichen sclerosis is a progressive skin disorder of the vulva that causes significant itching and that eventually leads to atrophy. In extreme cases, it can even lead to the disappearance of the clitoral and labial structures.

Most patients feel a significant improvement in sexual arousal and orgasmic intensity in about 1-3 weeks after injection with effects appear lasting between 1 to 3.

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