IV Infusions Fullerton, CA

The body requires a large amount of water. In fact, sixty percent of the body actually is water, with water being a critical part of numerous body processes. It forms saliva, keeps mucous membranes moist and properly functioning, flushes the body’s waste, regulates body temperature and even acts as a shock absorber in your spinal cord.

Just as essential are the nutrients that the water carries to every single cell in your body.

Because water and nutrients are so critical to your body’s proper functions, a lack of any of these substances can have negative effects on your wellbeing. Symptoms of dehydration include dizziness, weakness, confusion, heart palpitations, and sluggishness, just to name a few. Critical shortages of either can have a disastrous impact. In fact, severe dehydration can lead to death.

Often, the best delivery method is intravenous treatment, better known as IV.

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Nutrition and Hydration, Direct to the Body

Intravenous means that a substance is injected directly into the veins. By using an IV, the medical staff at Brea Wellness Center can funnel the necessary liquids directly into the body, allowing for the shortest lag time between administration and absorption into the body.

At Brea Wellness Center, our specialists have a variety of substances at their disposal to help replace whatever substances you most lack. Treatment generally involves the insertion of the IV directly into the patient’s arm. The flow of the fluid into the body can be altered by our specialist, ensuring that you are receiving the right amount of fluid.

By replenishing your body’s fluids and nutrients, IV treatment restores your body’s hydration levels and provides you with the proper substances necessary to function at your best.

For more information on IV treatment and how it can benefit you, contact Brea Wellness Center right away.