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The Brea Wellness Center is the premier Orange County provider of Gainswave therapy –a non-invasive medical procedure for enhancing sexual performance and improving the symptoms of ED. From our base in Fullerton, California, we serve the surrounding cities of Orange County including Anaheim, Brea, Orange, Irvine, Costa Mesa, Laguna Beach, and Newport. Gainswave works differently than other ED treatments and sexual performance enhancers. Prescribed medications like Viagra and Cialis are intended for a single sexual encounter. While many men benefit from those medications, they offer only a temporary fix and limit spontaneous sexual opportunities. What men in Orange County are discovering is that shockwave therapy helps to alleviate the most common culprit of ED symptoms. The result with GAINSWave treatments is firmer and longer lasting erections –naturally!

Relief From The Number One Cause of Erectile Dysfunction

The number one cause of ED is poor blood flow to the penis which is usually the result of plaques in the penile vascular system. Shockwave Therapy by GAINSwave works by breaking up these plaques and blockages while stimulating tissue regrowth. GAINSWave can be used in combination with other ED treatments or all on its own. There are no known side effects and the non-invasive nature means no downtime either. Explore our website for more information on Erectile Dysfunction treatments at the Brea Wellness Center and contact us for a free consultation.

About the Brea Wellness Center and Dr. Ashish Bhavsar

At the Brea Wellness Center, we use functional medicine and minimally invasive methods to help men of all ages and stages of life achieve their optimal genetic expression. From targeted fat-loss using radiofrequency to rapid nutrient replenish with IV infusions to ED treatments using Gainswave, our goal is to partner with you regain health and vitality. Minimally Invasive for More Natural Results Rather than just treating symptoms, functional medicine looks for causes of illness, supports the bodies natural healing processes, and emphasizes prevention. The Pillars of Functional Medicine at the Brea Wellness Center 1) Treatments support the body and its natural healing mechanisms 2) The partnership relationship between the client and Brea Wellness Center is foundational to the process 3) Treatments are science-based, incorporating new research and technology with the goal of delivering better results for our clients. 4) Beyond the absence of disease, health is a state of vitality and energy

The Staff at Brea Wellness Center

Led by Dr. Ashish Bhavsar, we are dedicated to the ultimate care, comfort, and privacy of our clients. We train in the latest and most advanced enhancement techniques, ensuring each client receives their desired results in the safest manner.

About Dr. Ashish Bhavsar

Dr. Ashish Bhavsar is Board Certified physician based in Orange County. He has over ten years of experience practicing family medicine and is the founder of the Brea Wellness Center. In addition to being a graduate of St George’s University School of Medicine, he also received training in Regenerative Medicine at Florida Hospital of Orlando, Florida. Following the completion of his education, Dr. Bhavsar brought his expertise back to his hometown with his private practice, the Brea Wellness Center. It is his goal to deliver more comprehensive healthcare service that improves his patient’s overall health and wellbeing.