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At Brea Aesthetics Medical Laser Center, we understand the interconnectedness of appearance and health. Having a youthful, healthy look not only improves the patient’s own self-conception and boosts their mental state, but also the very process of obtaining that look requires the sort of care that improves the body’s overall health.

Many physical appearance blemishes can be signs of other issues and can affect more than just the patient’s appearance. It is therefore critical that these issues be tackled in the safest, more effective way and in a manner that’s natural and non-invasive. The team at Brea Aesthetics Medical Laser Center has the knowledge and experience to provide that level of care, while also always making sure to make the client is comfortable and well cared for.

About Dr. Bhavsar

Born and raised in Southern California, Dr. Ashish Bhavsar always knew that caring for people’s health and wellness would be a passion of his. After graduating from St. George’s University School of Medicine, Dr. Bhasvar completed a residency in family medicine at Florida Hospital Orlando, as well as his surgical residency in Easton, Pennsylvania.

Following the completion of his education, Dr. Bhavsar brought his expertise and his devotion to patient care back to his home, opening his own practice to better, more in depth care for his patients. He is board certified as a family physician and is affiliated with St. Jude Medical Center, Sierra View at Porterville, as well as St. Joseph’s Hospital of Orange, Florida Hospital Orlando and many more. He recognizes the importance of technology and continued education in providing the best service, and takes great pains to stay at the forefront of medical advances.

In addition to learning, Dr. Bhavsar is passionate about teaching and training the next generation of healthcare professionals. He focuses most especially on residents-in-training at his affiliated hospitals as well as his own staff and Brea Aesthetics Medical Laser Center and at Brea Primary Care.



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